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The BSP Economic and Financial Learning Program (BSP-EFLP)

The Economic and Financial Learning Program (EFLP) is the flagship program of BSP for financial education. This is in line with the BSPís continuing drive to promote greater awareness and understanding of essential economic and financial issues to help the public acquire the knowledge and develop the skills needed to make well-informed economic and financial decisions and choices.

The EFLP consists of various learning sessions designed for different audiences. Some of these programs are:



Target audience

Be up to SPeed on BSP public information campaign (PIC) on the role of the BSP in the economy

Focuses on enhancing public awareness and learning on the BSP as an institution, its core functions and responsibilities, and its role in the economy. 
It also discusses recent economic developments.

  • students, teachers/professors and other members of the academe
  • banking and business communities
  • government agencies
  • local government units
  • members of the media
  • Financial Education Expo

    A two- to three-day affair offering various financial education activities. 
    The expo aims to instill awareness about the availability and accessibility of financial education programs, increase personal financial consciousness on the values and benefits of being financially empowered, and inform the public about available financial tools that can help in the promotion of their financial well-being.

  • students, teachers/professors and other members of the academe
  • employees and professionals (both from the public and private sectors)
  • Financial Learning Campaign (FLC) for Overseas Filipinos and their Beneficiaries

    The FLC aims to educate participants on the importance of using remittances to build up savings and directing these into investments in financial products and/or business ventures.

  • Overseas Filipinos (OFs)
  • OF beneficiaries
  • Aside from the programs listed above, other internal and external stand-alone learning sessions are being conducted to widen the reach of the program and to respond to requests from different sectors.

    For more information on the programs and how to become part of them, please contact:

                Economic and Financial Learning Center
                Tel. Nos.: +632.708.7275 or +632.708.7701 local 2331
                Email:  bspmail@bsp.gov.ph