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Awareness Campaigns and Other BSP FCPD Learning Initiatives

Essay Writing Contest

Essay Writing Contest

The contest conducted in 2011 and in 2015 provided students with the opportunity to express their ideas through writing.  It raised awareness among high school students and instilled in their young minds the importance of financial education in helping improve the quality of lives of every Filipino. 


Jingle Writing Contest

Jingle Writing Contest

This is FCPD’s first creative and fun-filled financial musical awareness contest.  It provided BSPers an opportunity to get involved with the BSP’s financial education advocacy.  The winning entry is played during FCPD’s financial education programs, roadshows, and events.


Poster and Slogan Making Contest

Poster Making Contest

This contest was conducted to introduce and raise awareness about the financial education initiatives of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.  The winning entry is used in FCPD’s primers, advisories and other financial information materials.


Project BRO (BSP Reaches Out) - A Savings Campaign for Kids and Teens

Project Bro

This is BSP’s newest financial learning initiative. It is a Savings Campaign Program for Kids and Teens. Specifically, Project BRO aims to develop the habit of saving among Filipino kids and teens and improve the number of Filipinos saving in the formal financial system by promoting and influencing kids and teens to start saving early and save in banks. The target recipients are the a) pupils of selected private and public elementary schools and the a) students from selected private or public high schools, particularly those under Grade levels 7 to 9 with ages 12-14 years old. The project BRO team goes to the chosen schools and conduct a 20-minute lecture on the concept of saving early, saving in banks and spending wisely. The project is implemented in partnership with the Bank Marketing Association of the Philippines (BMAP) and in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd).


Financial Education Congress for the Youth (FECY)

Financial Education Youth Congress

The FECY seeks to promote financial awareness through a combination of lectures, exhibits and dynamic visual presentations. The lecture portion will cover the financial education needs of the youth, stressing the advantages of technology and innovative thinking to learn money management skills. The exhibit section will feature the various financial literacy initiatives of the BSP and its partner institutions to complement the lectures.