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Organization of the Bank
Governance of the Bank
Audited Financial Statements

The BSP Charter

The New Central Bank Act (RA 7653) - PDF file, 155 KB

Chapter I - Establishment And Organizations of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Article I. Creation, Responsibilities and Corporate Powers of the Bangko Sentral
Article II. The Monetary Board
Article III. The Governor and Deputy Governors of the Bangko Sentral
Article IV. Operations of the Bangko Sentral
Article V. Reports and Publications
Article VI. Profits, Losses and Special Accounts
Article VII. The Auditor

Chapter II - The Bangko Sentral and the Means of Payment

Article I. The Unit of Monetary Value
Article II. Issue of Means of Payment

Chapter III - Guiding Principles of Monetary Administration by the Bangko Sentral

Article I. Domestic Monetary Stabilization
Article II. International Monetary Stabilization

Chapter IV - Instruments of Bangko Sentral Action

Article I. General Criterion
Article II. Operations in Gold and Foreign Exchange
Article III. Regulations of Foreign Exchange Operations of the Bank
Article IV. Loans to Banking and Other Financial Institutions
Article V. Open Market Operations for the Account of the Bangko Sentral
Article VI. Composition of Bangko Sentral's Portfolio
Article VII. Bank Reserves
Article VIII. Selective Regulation of Bank Operations
Article IX. Coordination of Credit Policies by Government Institutions

Chapter V - Functions as Banker and Financial Advisor of the Government

Article I. Functions as Banker of the Government
Article II. The Marketing and Stabilization of Securities for the Account of the Government
Article III. Functions as Financial Advisor of the Government

Chapter VI - Privileges and Prohibitions

Article I. Privileges
Article II. Prohibitions

Chapter VII - Transitory Provisions

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