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The New Central Bank Act (RA 7653)



SECTION 68. Means of Action. — In order to achieve the primary objective of price stability, the Monetary Board shall rely on its moral influence and the powers granted to it under this Act for the management of monetary aggregates.


SECTION 69. Purchases and Sales of Gold. — The Bangko Sentral may buy and sell gold in any form, subject to such regulations as the Monetary Board may issue.

The purchases and sales of gold authorized by this section shall be made in the national currency at the prevailing international market price as determined by the Monetary Board.

SECTION 70. Purchases and Sales of Foreign Exchange. — The Bangko Sentral may buy and sell foreign notes and coins, and documents and instruments of types customarily employed for the international transfer of funds. The Bangko Sentral may engage in future exchange operations.

The Bangko Sentral may engage in foreign exchange transactions with the following entities or persons only:

(a) banking institutions operating in the Philippines;

(b) the Government, its political subdivisions and instrumentalities;

(c) foreign or international financial institutions;

(d) foreign governments and their instrumentalities; and

(e) other entities or persons which the Monetary Board is hereby empowered to authorize as foreign exchange dealers, subject to such rules and regulations as the Monetary Board shall prescribe.

In order to maintain the convertibility of the peso, the Bangko Sentral may, at the request of any banking institution operating in the Philippines, buy any quantity of foreign exchange offered, and sell any quantity of foreign exchange demanded, by such institution, provided that the foreign currencies so offered or demanded are freely convertible into gold or United States dollars. This requirement shall not apply to demands for foreign notes and coins.

The Bangko Sentral shall effect its exchange transactions between foreign currencies and the Philippine peso at the rates determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 74 of this Act.

SECTION 71. Foreign Asset Position of the Bangko Sentral. — The Bangko Sentral shall endeavor to maintain at all times a net positive foreign asset position so that its gross foreign exchange assets will always exceed its gross foreign liabilities. In the event that the equivalent amount in pesos of the foreign exchange liabilities of the Bangko Sentral exceed twice the equivalent amount in pesos of the foreign exchange assets of the bank, the Bangko Sentral shall, within sixty (60) days from the date the limit is exceeded, submit a report to the Congress stating the origin of these liabilities, and the manner in which they will be paid.

SECTION 72. Emergency Restrictions on Exchange Operations. — In order to achieve the primary objective of the Bangko Sentral as set forth in Section 3 of this Act, or protect the international reserves of the Bangko Sentral in the imminence of, or during an exchange crisis, or in time of national emergency and to give the Monetary Board and the Government time in which to take constructive measures to forestall, combat, or overcome such a crisis or emergency, the Monetary Board, with the concurrence of at least five (5) of its members and with the approval of the President of the Philippines, may temporarily suspend or restrict sales of exchange by the Bangko Sentral, and may subject all transactions in gold and foreign exchange to license by the Bangko Sentral, and may require that any foreign exchange thereafter obtained by any person residing or entity operating in the Philippines be delivered to the Bangko Sentral or to any bank or agent designated by the Bangko Sentral for the purpose, at the effective exchange rate or rates: Provided, however, That foreign currency deposits made under Republic Act No. 6426 shall be exempt from these requirements.

SECTION 73. Acquisition of Inconvertible Currencies. — The Bangko Sentral shall avoid the acquisition and holding of currencies which are not freely convertible, and may acquire such currencies in an amount exceeding the minimum balance necessary to cover current demands for said currencies only when, and to the extent that, such acquisition is considered by the Monetary Board to be in the national interest. The Monetary Board shall determine the procedures which shall apply to the acquisition and disposition by the Bangko Sentral of foreign exchange which is not freely utilizable in the international market.

SECTION 74. Exchange Rates. — The Monetary Board shall determine the exchange rate policy of the country.

The Monetary Board shall determine the rates at which the Bangko Sentral shall buy and sell spot exchange, and shall establish deviation limits from the effective exchange rate or rates as it may deem proper. The Bangko Sentral shall not collect any additional commissions or charges of any sort, other than actual telegraphic or cable costs incurred by it.

The Monetary Board shall similarly determine the rates for other types of foreign exchange transactions by the Bangko Sentral, including purchases and sales of foreign notes and coins, but the margins between the effective exchange rates and the rates thus established may not exceed the corresponding margins for spot exchange transactions by more than the additional costs or expenses involved in each type of transactions.

SECTION 75. Operations with Foreign Entities. — The Monetary Board may authorize the Bangko Sentral to grant loans to and receive loans from foreign banks and other foreign or international entities, both public and private, and may engage in such other operations with these entities as are in the national interest and are appropriate to its character as a central bank. The Bangko Sentral may also act as agent or correspondent for such entities.

Upon authority of the Monetary Board, the Bangko Sentral may pledge any gold or other assets which it possesses as security against loans which it receives from foreign or international entities.