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The BSP's Organizational Structure
as of 31 December 2016

The Executive Management Services

BSP Organizational Chart EMS

Offices Under the Monetary Board

1. Office of the Secretary, Monetary Board

  • Provides secretarial and administrative support to the Monetary Board

2. Office of the General Counsel and Legal Services

  • Renders legal advisory services to the Monetary Board and other BSP units on matters relating to policies, functions, operations, and regulations of the BSP
  • Prosecutes and defends cases involving the BSP, the Monetary Board, and Management in judicial and administrative proceedings

3. Office of Special Investigation

  • Investigates, mediates, and when necessary, prosecutes bank irregularities and anomalies noted in the examination reports submitted by the Supervision and Examination Sector

4. Internal Audit Office

  • Reviews and appraises the effectiveness of operating control systems of the BSP and makes recommendations to address findings
  • Monitors utilization of security materials and other resources of the BSP

Offices Under the Office of the Governor

1. Treasury Department

  • Manages the BSP’s international reserves, in accordance with monetary and foreign exchange policies, at a level and a mix that allows the BSP to meet any demands for foreign currency
  • Undertakes open market operations and transacts with accredited government securities dealers and the rest of the members of the banking system
  • Participates in the Philippine Dealing System to ensure the competitiveness of the Philippine peso and its convertibility into other acceptable foreign currencies

2. Systems and Methods Office

  • Ensures a well-organized and integrated Bank-wide effort to develop and maintain efficient systems and procedures
  • Provides recommendations along the areas of manualization, business process reengineering, and systems support

3. Corporate Planning Office

  • Provides technical support to Management in the formulation and application of strategic plans and practices, and in the development of policies and guidelines in preparing departmental work plans

4. BSP Staff in the Anti-Money Laundering Council Secretariat

  • Assists the Anti-Money Laundering Council in implementing the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Law
  • Receives transaction reports from covered institutions, investigates suspicious transactions, and causes the filing of complaints with the Department of Justice or the Ombudsman for the prosecution of money-laundering offenses

5. Risk Management Office

  • Aggregates various risk exposures of the Bank, and identifies appropriate risk control measures
  • Ensures that appropriate risk management practices are being implemented in the Bank at all times

6. Corporate Affairs Office

  • Implements programs and policies on public relations and advertising through various media to promote and enhance BSP’s corporate image

7. Office of Systemic Risk Management (OSRM)

  • Develops and implements the financial stability frameworks for: (i) continuing surveillance and tracking of systemic risks and their channels of contagion; (ii) identifying and addressing issues arising from local and cross-border policy initiatives and signed agreements; (iii) designing, delivering and evaluating the impact of capacity building programs, advocacy programs and learning roadmaps and (iv) assessing issues arising from the impact of market news and developments, preparing communication responses to said issues and assessing the effectiveness of said responses; and
  • Manages the technical and secretarial requirements of the Financial Stability Committee, and the Financial Stability Coordination Council, among others.