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The BSP's Organizational Structure
as of March 2016

The Monetary Stability Sector

BSP Organizational Chart

Investor Relations Office

  • Assists in developing relations with the international financial community, and promotes the Philippines as an investment site

Monetary Policy Sub-sector

1. Department of Economic Research

  • Acts as the principal policy research and technical arm of the Bank; and
  • Produces economic data for the guidance of the Governor and the Monetary Board in the formulation and implementation of monetary policies.

2. Department of Economic Statistics

  • Generates relevant, accurate and timely statistics for the guidance of the Monetary Board in the formulation and implementation of its policies.

3. Center for Monetary and Financial Policy

  • Develops a comprehensive and integrated research program that will provide the research resources required for the formulation of monetary policies

4. Economic and Financial Learning Center

  • Central arm of the Bank in providing monetary, financial, and economic information to the public.

International Sub-sector

1. International Relations Department

  • Monitors and analyzes regional and global economic, financial, and trade development issues, and assesses their impact on the Philippine economy
  • Strengthens and initiates relations with foreign entities by complying with the commitments arising from membership, and participating in international and regional associations and groupings

2. International Operations Department

  • Supports the promotion and maintenance of monetary stability and external sustainability through the management of external debt, foreign investments, and other foreign exchange transactions

Regional Monetary Affairs Sub-sector

  • RMASs supervises the BSP Regional Offices/Branches in performing the following functions: cash operations, cash administration, gold buying operations, and economic and financial literacy programs.

The following BSP branches report directly to the Regional Monetary Affairs Sub-sector:

• Legazpi Branch
• Lucena Branch
• Naga Branch

BSP Regional Offices

1. La Union Regional Office - supervises the following branches in Luzon:

  • Cabanatuan Branch
  • Tuguegarao Branch
  • Batac Branch
  • San Fernando (Pampanga) Branch
  • Dagupan Branch

2. Cebu Regional Office – supervises the following branches in the Visayas:

  • Bacolod Branch
  • Dumaguete Branch
  • Iloilo Branch
  • Roxas Branch
  • Tacloban Branch

3. Davao Regional Office – supervises the following branches in Mindanao:

  • Cotabato Branch
  • Zamboanga Branch
  • Ozamiz Branch
  • Cagayan de Oro Branch
  • General Santos Branch
  • Butuan Branch

Monetary Operations Sub-sector

1. Asset Management Department

  • Administers, preserves, and disposes assets acquired or foreclosed properties by the Bangko Sentral in payment for loans secured by banks including real estate holdings of the Bangko Sentral which are not utilized or earmarked for use pursuant to its objectives/regular business.

2. Department of Loans and Credit

• Implements the credit policies of the BSP;
• Extends loans and advances to banks and rediscounts;
• Conducts credit examination of banks; and
• Undertakes special studies on credit policies.

Currency Management Sub-sector

1. Cash Department

  • Responsible for the supply, issuance, and exchange of currency
  • Serves as depository and custodian of cash, securities, gold, and other forms of valuable assets

2. Currency Issue and Integrity Office

  • Issues currency to Cash Department and Regional Monetary Affairs Subsector based on their requisitions
  • Preserves and maintains the integrity of currency