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The BSP's Organizational Structure
as of March 2016

The Resource Management Sector

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1. Provident Fund Office

  • Administers the Provident and Housing Funds, and implements policies and directives of the Provident Fund’s Board of Trustees
  • Manages the Funds’ investment portfolio and its earnings

2. Business Continuity Office

  • Serves as the BSP’s technical advisor on matters pertaining to business continuity management, and coordinator for the Deputy Governor for RMS and SPC, in ensuring immediate action by appropriate responding units for the smooth implementation of existing plans and procedures

3. Payments and Settlements Office

  • Ensures the smooth flow of the country’s payments and settlements system through the management of the Philippine Payments and Settlements Systems or PhilPaSS


Management Services Sub-sector

1. Administrative Services Department

  • Responsible for property control, insurance of real and movable properties, warehousing, records management, printing of bank circulars/internal issuance/forms, mail distribution, and telephone switch board operations

2. Facilities Management and Engineering Department

  • Responsible for the general upkeep of the BSP main building complex and premises
  • Responsible for the operations and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, electronic, and auxiliary/accessory equipment systems of the Bank

3. Project Development and Management Office

  • Supervises the construction and renovation of offices and buildings in the BSP Main Office, Security Plant Complex, and BSP Regional Offices/Branches, and the maintenance of the Philippine International Convention Center

4. Procurement Office

  • Processes purchase requisitions from departments/offices
  • Assists the Bids and Awards Committee – Head Office in the conduct of procurement activities

5. Security, Investigation and Transport Department

  • Protects and safeguards the Bank’s human, financial, and physical resources, and manages the Bank’s motor pool


Comptrollership Sub-sector

1. Budget Planning and Special Studies Group

  • Serves as technical staff of the BSP Budget Committee in the formulation of budget guidelines, preparation of budget forms, and dissemination of information
  • Reviews and analyzes budgetary estimates of income and expenses submitted by the sector heads

2. Financial Accounting Department

  • Responsible for the accounting, bookkeeping, budget administration, and disbursement activities of the Bank


Human Resource Sub-sector

1. Human Resource Development Department

  • Manages the development of the Bank as an organization and its human capital through organizational change and development, and organizational  planning and staffing
  • Facilitates the attainment of individual employees’ goals and those of the Bank through talent development, career and succession management, and performance management

2. Human Resource Management Department

  • Provides human resource services including recruitment, appointment, personnel selection and placement, compensation and benefits, payroll, leave and retirement, and employee relations
  • Promotes employee welfare through wellness programs/initiatives and other employee services

3. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Institute

  • Acts as the training arm of the BSP
  • Designs and administers various executive development/values enhancement courses, seminars or workshops for personnel of the BSP as well as personnel of certain segments of the financial system on a continuing basis

4. Health Services Office

  • Provides medical and dental services to the employees, and, if necessary, refers them to external professionals for consultations and medical and dental attention


Information Technology Sub-sector

1. Information Technology Enterprise Security Group

  • Designs, implements, and maintains an effective security infrastructure for the BSP, and enforces IT security policies

2. Policy Standards and Planning Group

  • Establishes, monitors, and updates specific standards in the acquisition, development, and implementation of application systems, software, hardware, and other IT projects

3. Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations Department

  • Manages the computer environment of the Bank, and ensures the efficient operation of all communication and technology infrastructure

4. Application Systems Management Department

  • Develops and maintains appropriate business or application software in the Bank