Non-Banks with Quasi Banking Functions  
     for the periods indicated  
      in percent  
Annual Growth Rates 
Balance Sheet
Total Assets  9.1
Cash and Due from Banks 3.1
Interbank Loans Receivables (33.3)
Loans, gross (exclusive of IBL) 11.2
Allowance for probable losses 7.7
Loans, net (exclusive of IBL) 11.4
Investments (net) 9.3
ROPOA, net 4.9
Other Assets (3.5)
Total Liabilities 7.2
Bills Payable 8.4
Other Liabilities 0.7
Total Capital Accounts 17.2
Income Statement 
Total Operating Income 5.1
Net interest income 0.2
Non-interest income 25.7
Operating Expenses 5.1
Bad debt expenses/Provisions 3.8
Other operating expenses 5.9
Net Operating Income 5.1
Extraordinary Credits (61.5)
Net Income After Tax (1.1)
Key Financial Ratios
      NPL Ratio (inclusive of IBL) 3.9
      NPL Ratio (exclusive of IBL) 3.9
      NPA to Gross Assets 2.9
     Cash and due from banks to Bills Payable 19.9
     Liquid Assets to Bills Payable  
     Loans (gross)  to Bills Payable 102.4
     Earning Asset Yield  1/ 6.8
      Funding Cost  2/ 1.5
      Interest Spread  3/ 5.3
      Net Interest Margin  4/ 4.4
      Net Interest Income to Total Operating Income  76.9
      Cost to Income Ratio  5/ 41.1
      Return on Assets  0.7
      Return on Equity 3.5
      Total Capital Accounts to Total Assets 21.1
      Paid in Capital to Total Capital Accounts 32.0
/r Revised 
1/ Annualized; Interest Income to Average Earning Assets
2/ Annualized;Interest Expenses to Average Interest-Bearing Liabilities
3/ Annualized;Earning Asset Yield less Funding Cost
4/ Annualized;Net Interest Income to Average Earning Assets
5/ Annualized;Operating Expenses (exclusive of Bad Debts and Provisions) to Total Operating Income
*Cannot be computed as amount for base year is equal to zero (0)
Note: Details may not add up to totals due to rounding-off
Source: Supervisory Data Center, Financial Supervision Sector, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
Updated as of 22 May 2019