20-piso New Design Series Banknote

nds 20


Manuel L. Quezon


Malacañan Palace




The front side of the 20-piso banknote features Manuel L. Quezon, first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines. The bill was completely redesigned and new elements regarding Quezon's accomplishments were added on the right side, namely the establishment of Filipino as the Philippine national language (Wikang Pambansa), the coat-of-arms of the Commonwealth and the approval of the 1935 Constitution (Saligang Batas 1935). In 1937, the National Language Institute was founded to establish a single national language for the Philippines. This eventually became the Filipino language, which is largely based on Tagalog. The second was the "Saligang Batas 1935" or the 1935 Constitution of the Philippines. This was the first real constitution that was nationally effected and large parts of it survive in the current constitution.  The reverse side of the 20-Piso banknote depicts Malacañan Palace, the residence of the President of the Philippines, along the banks of the Pasig River. Quezon was the first Philippine president to live in the Palace.