500-piso New Design Series Banknote

nds 500


Benigno Aquino Jr., icon of Democracy


Aquino, as a journalist; the Municipal Building in Concepcion and the Tarlac Provincial Capitol   representing the seat of his political career; Study Now, Pay Later Plan, Aquino’s pet bill; a scene from EDSA People Power I and  people from various sectors whose hands are interlocked together symbolizing unity and cooperation.




The yellow 500-piso note substantiates the purpose of  honoring  Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., whose wife, Corazon Aquino, made use of the  yellow as her political color. Ninoy was the main driving force behind the People Power Revolution of 1986, some three years after his death in 1983;  to the right of the banknote, there are two popular quotes from Aquino: "Faith in our people and faith in God", and "The Filipino is worth dying for", under which is signed his nickname, "Ninoy". There is also the signature of Aquino, a typewriter with his initials ("B.S.A.J."), and a dove of peace;  A Philippine flag is also to the right of his portrait, near the central part of the front side. The names of the figures on the bills, "Benigno S. Aquino, Jr." is written in gold-colored, cursive writing with a green laurel wreath as opposed to the name being simply written as with the other banknotes.

Featured at the back is a collage of various images celebrating  Aquino’s life and political career; on the lower left corner, a vignette of Aquino as a war correspondent during the Korean war framed against a newspaper headline carrying his byline; the Municipal  Building of Concepcion, the town where he first started his political career as a mayor; the Tarlac Provincial Capitol, where he served as governor; Study Now, Pay Later education program, his pet bill in the senate on education; a scene showing some civilians offering flowers to soldiers signifying People Power at EDSA and a composite of five individuals representing homogenous groups like that of a farmer, a soldier, a nun, and members of the cultural minorities with their hands interlocked as a sign of unity. 

The 500-piso NDS note was enhanced from version 1 to version 2,  incorporated with  iridescent band and windowed security thread in addition to the existing security features such as the  concealed value, embedded security thread, scattered red & blue visible fibers, and fluorescent printing.