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Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures

Philippine RTGS: PhilPaSS


Philippine RTGS: PhilPaSS

The PhilPaSS Primer (PDF file, 572 Kbs)

PhilPaSS Volume and Value of Transactions

Guidelines for Admission of New Participants to the Philippine Payments and Settlements System (PhilPaSS)


Guidelines on the Participation of Third-Party Payment System Providers (TPPSP) in the PhilPaSS

Guidelines for Admission to the PhilPaSS REMIT System

Standard Coding System

Forms (Available in PDF format)

I. Application for Participation in PhilPaSS




Signed PhilPaSS Participation Agreement Form


Certified True copy of the Participant’s Board Resolution or Secretary’s Certificate enlisting officers authorized to sign their PhilPaSS transactions


Specimen signature cards of the Officers


II. Required Documents for Issuance of PhilPaSS Smart Card

Secretary's Certificate

Special Power of Attorney

Release, Waiver and Quitclaim


III. Application for Participation in PhilPaSS Remit


REMIT Form 1 - PhilPaSS - Remit Participation Agreement Form


REMIT Form 2 - Transaction Security Agreement Form


REMIT Form 3 - Participating Bank (PB) Public Key Acknowledgement & Validation Receipt


REMIT Form 4 - BSP-PSO Public Key Acknowledgement & Validation Receipt


VPN Connectivity Form


IV. Application for PhilPaSS Participant Browser



PPB Form 1 - PPB User Registration Form


PPB Form 2 - PPB Smart Card Renewal Form




VPN Connectivity Form


PPB BIC1 Registration Form

    PPB Module 2 - User Manual

PPB Payment by File Description


Sample PPB Payment by File


MT 103 (Customer Payments) - Required Message Fields for PhilPaSS


MT 202 (Interbank) - Required Message Fields for PhilPaSS


V. Request for Manual Settlement



PhilPaSS – COB Manual Settlement Form


VI. Others


User Registration Form PhilPaSS Portal


BSP – Text Connect Form


Secretary's Certificate




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