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TBs' NPLs/NPAs as of October 2003 Further Improves


The Non-Performing Loans (NPL) ratio as of end-October 2003 improved anew, settling at 12.60 percent from 12.71 percent the previous month. The NPL ratio, net of Interbank Loans, likewise declined to 12.99 percent from last month’s 13.04 percent and from 13.61 percent a year ago. This developed as growth in NPLs lagged behind the growth in Total Loan Portfolio (TLP).  NPL level increased by P97 million to P19.2 billion while TLP expanded by 1.3 percent to P156.5 billion. The increase in TLP resulted from the simultaneous expansion in interbank and regular lending activities, i.e., by 17.0 percent to P4.7 billion and by 0.9 percent to P151.8 billion, respectively.

The NPL coverage ratio (Loan Loss Reserves to NPLs) went up by 0.17 percentage point to 38.86 percent. In contrast, NPA coverage ratio slightly declined to 19.53 percent from 19.74 percent last month. Loan Loss Reserves increased by 0.9 percent to P7.7 billion while NPA reserves grew by 0.5 percent to P8.7 billion.

The ratio of gross restructured loans (RLs) to TLP increased to 2.40 percent from 2.28 percent last month, as gross RLs continued to rise by 6.6 percent to P3.8 billion this month. Past due ratio of RLs improved to 21.61 percent from the previous month’s 22.98 percent ratio.

The ratio of ROPOA to Gross Assets (GA) stood at 9.94 percent (vs. 9.95 percent last month). Previous year’s ratio stood higher at 10.42 percent.  

Non-Performing Assets (NPA) ratio decreased to 16.24 percent from 16.36 percent the previous month as the 1.6 percent increase in NPAs was outmatched by the 2.3 percent growth in GA to P274.2 billion. On the other hand, NPA coverage ratio (NPA reserves to NPAs) declined to 19.53 percent from 19.74 percent last month and from 20.84 percent a year ago.

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