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Automobile Loans Up By 4 Percent From Last Quarter


As of end-March 2009, total automobile loans (ALs) of universal/commercial banks (U/KBs) and thrift banks (TBs), inclusive of non-bank subsidiaries stood at P81.8 billion, up by 4.0 percent from last quarter’s P78.6 billion and by 6.8 percent from year ago’s P76.6 billion. Meantime, the proportion of ALs to total loan portfolio (TLP) rose to 3.2 percent from last quarter’s 3.0 percent but dropped from year ago’s 3.6 percent with the faster year-on-year growth in TLP, net of interbank Loans.

Meantime, TBs (inclusive of TB subsidiaries of U/KBs) took the lion’s share of total ALs at 54.0 percent. U/KBs held a share of 45.8 percent while subsidiary NBFIs accounted for the remaining 0.2 percent.

In terms of loan quality, the non-performing ALs to total ALs ratio went up to 5.2 percent from last quarter’s 4.9 percent but eased from year ago’s 5.6 percent ratio. The quarter-on-quarter movement transpired as the 11.0 percent hike in non-performing ALs to P4.2 billion outpaced the growth in ALs.

Meantime, the non-performing ALs to total non-performing loans (NPL) ratio stood at 3.1 percent (up from last quarter’s 2.9 percent but down from year ago’s 3.2 percent. In contrast, the non-performing ALs to TLP ratio was maintained at 0.2 percent in the three comparative periods.

The ratios of non-performing ALs to total ALs (at 5.1 percent) and non-performing ALs to TLP (at 0.2 percent) of U/KBs together with their subsidiaries stood better than that of TBs not affiliated with U/KBs at 6.1 percent and 0.3 percent, respectively. On the other hand, TBs not affiliated with U/KBs got better non-performing ALs to total NPLs at 2.3 percent as against U/KBs with subsidiaries ratio of 3.2 percent.

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