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BSP Holds 2011 Awards Ceremony and Appreciation Lunch for Stakeholders


In celebration of the Bangko Sentral's 18th anniversary in July, the BSP will hold the Awards Ceremony for BSP Stakeholders to recognize institutional partners all over the country who have provided exemplary support to the BSP's various statistical initiatives, information requirements and advocacy programs. Selected from the country's top corporations, government and private institutions, the awardees will be feted during the yearly Appreciation Lunch for Stakeholders in various parts of the country   in the National Capital Region (NCR) and in eight (8) areas outside NCR (AONCR)   from July to September 2011. 

 The 2011 Awards Ceremony and Appreciation Lunch, with the theme "Ikaw at ang BSP: Working for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth," will be held on Wednesday, 6 July 2011 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the BSP Assembly Hall, BSP Complex, Manila for the NCR and Region IV stakeholders.  The BSP Governor and Chairman of the Monetary Board, Amando M. Tetangco, Jr., together with the members of the Monetary Board and other key officials of the BSP, will lead in honoring this year's awardees and stakeholders. 

The BSP will give out the following awards to its stakeholders in the NCR and Region IV:
Outstanding Information Support   

Business Expectations Survey
     Outstanding Respondent for Large Firms
     Outstanding Respondent for Small and Medium Firms
     Best Respondents for Construction, Industry, Services, and Trade Sectors
Cross Border Transactions Survey 
     Best Respondent for Transactions Coursed through Bank Accounts Abroad
     Best Respondent for Inter-Company Accounts
Foreign Direct Investment Survey
     Best Respondent
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
     Best Respondent
Survey of Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing Services 
     Best Respondent
Special Recognition    
     Source of Information for Balance of Payments Projections (Public Sector)
     Source of Information for Balance of Payments Projections (Private Sector)
     Source of Information for Monetary Policy (Public Sector)
     Source of Information for Monetary Policy (Private Sector)
Overseas Filipino Remittances
     Best Commercial Bank Respondent
     Hall of Fame for Best Commercial Bank Respondent 

Advocacy Support: 

Top Commercial Bank in Generating Remittances from Overseas Filipinos
 Hall of Fame for Top Commercial Bank in Generating Remittances from Overseas Filipinos
Special Recognition for Conference on Export Competitiveness

For its stakeholders in the rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, the BSP will award the following recognition:

Business Expectations Survey in Regions I, III, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, XI and XII
     Outstanding Respondent for Large and Medium Firms
     Outstanding Respondent for Small Firms
Special Recognition  
     Advocacy Support-Financial Learning Campaign

To recognize the other stakeholders of the BSP and reflect the BSP's broader and deeper alliances, it will also grant new awards to other partners, as follows:

Outstanding Information Support:

Special Recognition in Regions I, CAR, III, V, VI, IX, XI & XIII
     Source of Information for the Report on Regional Economic Developments

Advocacy Support:

Clean Note Policy Campaign
     Best Performing Bank
Credit Surety Fund
     Outstanding Credit Surety Fund
     Outstanding Program Partner
Institutional Partner for Microfinance
     Special Recognition for Partners in Financial Inclusion
Project with the Association of Bank Remittance Officers, Inc. (ABROI) on the use
of PhilPaSS for Overseas Filipino Remittances
     Best Performing PhilPaSS REMIT Participant
Tulong Barya Campaign
     Top Participating School
     Top Participating Bank
     Top Retailer Awardee

This event is expected to further strengthen the partnerships of the BSP with its stakeholders in information gathering and advocacy campaigns that will help it carry out its mandate of safeguarding price stability and promoting financial stability.

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