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Credit Card Receivables Hit P132 Billion at End-2011


Total credit card receivables (CCRs) of universal/commercial banks (U/KBs) and thrift banks (TBs) as of end-December 2011 stood at P132.2 billion, P5.7 billion (4.5 percent) higher than previous quarter’s P126.5 billion and P11.9 billion (9.9 percent) more than last year’s P120.3 billion.

Total CCRs including those of U/KB subsidiaries reached P159.5 billion up by P8.1 billion (5.3 percent) from previous quarter’s P151.4 billion driven by holiday spending and by P16.5 billion (11.6 percent) from last year.  Of the total, 82.6 percent (P131.8 billion) came from U/KBs, 17.3 percent (P27.6 billion) was from U/KB subsidiaries and the remaining balance of 0.1 percent (P0.2 billion) was from TBs not affiliated with U/KBs.

The CCRs to total loan portfolio (TLP) ratio was at 4.5 percent, slightly lower than the previous quarter’s 4.6 percent and last year’s 4.8 percent ratio.

Total non-performing CCRs to total CCRs improved to 10.9 percent from 12.9 percent last quarter and 12.6 percent last year as non-performing CCRs respectively dropped by 10.7 percent (P2.1 billion) and by 3.4 percent (P0.6 billion).

Non-performing CCRs to total non-performing loans likewise eased to 13.2 percent from 14.4 percent in the previous quarter and managed to maintain last year’s ratio due to the faster rate of decline in non-performing CCRs as against total NPLs (2.4 percent).

Finally, the ratio of non-performing CCRs to TLP improved to 0.5 percent from the 0.6 percent ratio recorded last quarter as well as last year. 

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