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Date Issued: 12.17.2009


To:  All Pawnshops

Subject: Revised Report Structureof the Consolidated Statement of Condition and Consolidated Statement of Income and Expenses

         Pursuant to Section 4162P of the Manual of Regulations for Non-Bank Financial Institutions – Pawnshops (MORNBFI-P), the revised reporting templates of the Consolidated Statement of Condition (CSOC), Consolidated Statement of Income and Expenses (CSIE) and corresponding schedules are hereby issued.  The following shall be observed relative to the submission of the subject reports:

1. Effective with the end-December 2009 reports, the revised reporting structure of the CSOC, CSIE, Schedule of Pledge Loans and Schedule of Pawnshop Branches hereby attached as Annex A shall be submitted to the BSP annually on or before 31 January of the following reference calendar year. 

2. The CSOC/CSIE reports shall be submitted on a consolidated basis. Branches of pawnshops are not required to submit separate individual reports to the BSP since their respective Statements of Condition and Statements of Income and Expenses shall already be included in the CSOC and CSIE of the head office.  In lieu of the individual branch reports, a separate schedule (i.e. Schedule of Pawnshop Branches)  enumerating all the branches of the pawnshop shall be submitted along with the CSOC, CSIE and Schedule of Pledge Loans. 

3. Pawnshops may submit the prescribed reports in either hard copy or soft copy.  Softy copy submissions shall be contained in a compact disk (CD) using the prescribed data entry templates accessed and downloaded from www.bsp.gov.ph/pawnshop.  To support and authenticate the CD submission, a Control Prooflist duly notarized and signed by the authorized official of the reporting institution, shall be submitted along with the CD.  A sample of the Control Prooflist is attached as Annex B.  

4. Hard copy and CD submissions can be sent through messengerial or postal services within the prescribed deadline to:

                                           The Office of the Director
                                           Supervisory Data Center (SDC)
                                           Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
                                           16th Floor, Multistorey Building
                                           BSP Complex, A. Mabini Street
                                           Malate, Manila 1004

5. Failure to comply with the aforementioned prescribed report structure shall be considered faulty reporting.  Faulty and/or false reporting and/or willful delay in the submission of reports shall be subject to penalty in accordance with existing regulations. 

For compliance.


 Deputy Governor

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