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​​​Policies and Programs - Know Your Money Briefings​​​​​

The Payments and Currency Management Sector (P​CMS) regularly conducts two (2) Know Your Money (KYM) Programs with gallery tour of the various phases of printing banknotes and security documents. The content of the KYM Program are detailed below.​


KYM Program 1: Comprehensive Seminar with Gallery Tour

KYM Program 2: Gallery Tour with Basic Briefing

Target Participants

Cash handlers

General public


Four (4) hours

Two (2) hours


  • Comprehensive lecture on the design and security features of Philippine banknotes and coins

  • ​Relevant laws, policies and program

  • Discussion on the proper handling of Philippine Currency

  • Gallery Tour​

  • Gallery Tour

  • Short briefing on the design and security features of the Philippine banknotes and coins

  • Reminders on the proper handling of Philippine currency


  • Philippine Currency: 8:30AM to 12:00PM on 1st and 2nd Tuesday of the month; and

  • Philippine Currency with Cascade of the Security Features of Foreign Currency: 8:30AM to 4:30PM every third and fourth Tuesday of the month. (This is specifically designed for stakeholders handling foreign exchange transactions.)

  • Upon request: 9:00AM to 11:00AM Monday to Friday (except holidays)

Maximum number of participants that can be accommodated is 50 per session for both program. Minimum age limit for KYM Program 2 is 13 years old or in the7th Grade (or equivalent).

Registration procedures:

  1. ​Inquiries on available slots and tentative bookings may be made by phone or email to the the Information Development Division (IDD)
    Tel. No.: (02) 352-1485, (02) 988-4838
    Email address: pisomatters@bsp.gov.ph

  2. Within three (3) days, client shall confirm the booking by submitting an accomplished KYM Program Registration Form. Please click here​.

  3. The Clients will receive a confirmation email from the IDD together with the link of the online Public Perception Survey which must be accomplished by each participant.


  1. Attire - Visitors are required to follow the dress code: business or casual attire or school uniform (for school groups).

  2. Food, Drink and Smoking - eating and drinking are allowed in designated areas; smoking in strictly prohibited.

  3. Photography - taking photos and videos while inside the building is strictly prohibited.


No fees shall be charged by the BSP for the in-house KYM Programs; and as a condition to the grant of these services, requesting parties or their agents are also prohibited from charging any participation fee.



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