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The BSP is deeply involved in various projects and activities to support the economic and social development objectives of the government through advocacy programs in microfinance and financial inclusion, financial education and consumer protection, economic information, and overseas Filipinos' remittances environment.

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What's New

CIRCULAR LETTER NO. CL-2015-027 04.23.2015
MB Resolution No. 634 dated 23 April 2015 - Placement of the Surigaonon Rural Banking Corporation Under Receivership

MEMORANDUM NO. M-2015-021 04.22.2015
Guidelines on the Electronic Submission of the Report on Cross-Border Financial Positions (RCBP) Phase 2

CIRCULAR LETTER NO. CL-2015-025 04.21.2015
Conversion/Upgrade of License of Bank of Makati (A Rural Bank), Inc. Into a Thrift Bank to be known as Bank of Makati (A Savings Bank), Inc.

CIRCULAR LETTER NO. CL-2015-026 04.21.2015
Lost Bangko Sentral Registration Document (BSRD)

CIRCULAR NO. 876 04.20.2015
Amendments to Unit Investment Trust Fund (UITF) Regulations Allowing for a Unit-Paying Feature



What's Next

Non-Performing Loans of U/KBs (Jan & Feb 2015) - Press Release - 05.21.2015

CPI/Inflation Rate (Apr 2015) - Press Release/Statistics - 05.05.2015




Economic and Financial Learning Program (EFLP) events in Manila City- 5,6, and 8 May 2015

Schedule of Briefings on Pawnshop Regulations and Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA) Seminar for 2015

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04 May 2015

US$ 1.00

PhP 44.518

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Exchange Rate Bulletin


Guidelines on the Request for Monetary Board Opinion on Domestic Government Borrowings 10.17.12

Advisory on the Authority of Collection Agents to Negotiate with a Credit Cardholder for a New Repayment Scheme 04.29.2015

Advisory Against Unsolicited Text Messages 04.15.2015

Warning on Unauthorized Deposit-taking Activities 04.06.2015

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