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  |||Statistics|||Real Sector - Philippine Peso Cross Rates/US Dollar Rates of Selected Currency|||37
  |||Statistics|||Real Sector - Philippine Peso Per US Dollar Rate|||38
  |||Statistics|||Real Sector - Consumer Price Index, Inflation Rate, Purchasing Power|||36
  |||Statistics|||Thrift Banks - Balance Sheet and Key Ratios|||30
  |||Statistics|||Universal, Commercial, and Thrift Banks - Trust and Other Fiduciary Business|||31
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - Gross International Reserves press release and statistics|||32
  |||Statistics|||Selected Interest Rates - Rediscount Rate|||33
  |||Statistics|||Universal, Commercial, and Thrift Banks - Consumer Loans|||34
  |||Statistics|||Thrift Banks - Balance Sheet and Key Ratios, Loans Outstanding for Production|||35
  |||Statistics|||Real Sector - Real Effective Exchange Rate Index of the Peso|||29
  |||Event|||Philippine Economic Briefing Singapore|||28
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - Foreign Direct Investments, press release and statistics|||27
  |||Statistics|||Total Resources of the Philippine Financial System|||23
  |||Statistics|||Total Loans (Gross), Loan Loss Provision and NPL by Type of Universal and Commercial Banks|||24
  |||Statistics|||Central Bank Survey|||25
  |||Event|||6th BSP End-User Departments’ Technical Experts Meeting (Y2022 EUTEx MEET)|||26
  |||Event|||6th BSP End-User Departments’ Technical Experts Meeting (Y2022 EUTEx MEET)|||26
  |||Monetary Policy Meeting|||Highlights of the Meeting of the Monetary Board on Monetary Policy Issue (18 Aug 2022 MB meeting)|||20
  |||Statistics|||Others - Selected Philippine Economic Indicators (SPEI)|||21
  |||Statistics|||Banking Statistics and Reports - External Sector - Overseas Filipinos Remittances, press release and statistics|||22
  |||Event|||6th BSP End-User Departments’ Technical Experts Meeting (Y2022 EUTEx MEET)|||26
  |||Statistics|||Others - Report on Economic and Financial Developments|||13
  |||Statistics|||Philippine Banking System - Regional Distribution of Banking Offices|||14
  |||Statistics|||BSP Supervised Financial Institutions - Physical network: Number of offices|||15
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - External Debt press release and statistics|||16
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - Balance of Payments, press release and statistics|||17
  |||Statistics|||Philippine Banking System - Number of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and Banks with Electronic Banking Facilities|||18
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - Selected External Debt Ratios statistics|||19
  |||Event|||Q2 2022 Balance of Payments Developments|||12
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - Overall BOP Position, final GIR and NIR statistics of BSP|||11
  |||Press Release|||Press release on Monetary Policy Stance|||10
  |||Event|||Monetary Policy Stance Press Briefing|||9
  |||Press Release|||Others - Business/Consumer Expectations Survey press release|||8
  |||Statistics|||External Sector - International Investment Position/Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity|||1
  |||Press Release|||Depository Corporations Survey (DCS) preliminary statistics, press release on domestic liquidity|||2
  |||Statistics|||Real Sector - Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast Range/Residential Real Estate Price Index|||3
  |||Statistics|||Philippine Banking System: Income Statement and Key Ratios|||4
  |||Press Release|||Loans Outstanding for Production and Consumer Loans: Universal and Commercial Banks, press release and statistics|||5
  |||Statistics|||Philippine Banking System: Balance Sheet and Key Ratios|||6
  |||Statistics|||Universal, Commercial, and Thrift Banks - Published Balance Sheet|||7