The BSP monitors and compiles various statistical series on monetary, financial and external variables useful for the formulation and analysis of monetary, banking, credit and exchange policies.



Financial Industry Surveillance Data Visualization

Online Statistical Database

Monetary, External and Financial Statistics

Special Data Dissemination Standard
External Account

Balance of Payments

International Investment Position

Survey of IT-BPO Services

International Reserves

External Debt

Foreign Currency Deposit Units


Overseas Filipinos' Remittances

Exchange Rates

Financial/Monetary Account

Central Bank Survey

Depository Corporations Survey

Monetary Survey

Other Financial Corporations Survey

BSP: Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Income and Expenses

Resources of the Philippine Financial System

Number of Financial Institutions

Loans Outstanding: Other Depository Corporations

Loans Outstanding: Philippine Banking System

Loans Outstanding: Universal and Commercial Banks

Total Loans (Gross), Loan Loss Provisions and NPL by Type of KBs

KB Loans Outstanding to the Real Estate Sector

Reserve Requirement Ratios

Domestic Interest Rates

Flow of Funds Matrix

Balance Sheet Approach

Real Sector Account

Gross National Income by Industrial Origin (At Current Prices)

Gross National Income by Expenditure Shares (At Current Prices)

Gross National Income by Industrial Origin (At Constant Prices)

Gross National Income by Expenditure Shares (At Constant Prices)

Other Real Sector Account

Production Index of Key Manufacturing Enterprises by Industry

Producer Price Index for Manufacturing by Industry Group

Philippines' Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI)

Meralco's Registered Energy Sales

NPC/Psalm Energy Sales

Selected Labor and Wage Indicators

Stock Market

Price Earning Ratio

Land Area, Population, and Density of Population

Fiscal Account

National Government Cash Operations

Consolidated Public Sector Financial Position


Consumer Price Index, Core Inflation, Inflation Rates & Purchasing Power of the Peso

General Wholesale Price Index in the Philippines

General Retail Price Index in the National Capital Region

Residential Real Estate Price Index

Core Inflation Measures

Economic Indicator of Selected Countries