Financial inclusion is a state wherein there is effective access to a wide range of financial services for all, especially the vulnerable sectors. Effective access does not only mean that there are financial products and services that are available. These products and services must be appropriately designed, of good quality and responsive to the varied needs of individuals and businesses – whether for saving, payments, financing, investments, or insurance.

Financial inclusion lays the groundwork for sustainable and equitable national development. The goal of financial inclusion does not end in providing universal access to financial services but in ensuring that these services truly enhance the well-being of their users. Rather than being a mere end in itself, financial inclusion is a means to achieve broader aspirations. When people are financially included and realize their stake in national prosperity, they are empowered to make better, informed choices when it comes to their financial welfare and future. In turn, they are able to make sound decisions that raise their productivity and standard of living.
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Financial Inclusion

National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI)


The National Strategy for Financial Inclusion (NSFI) 2022-2028 serves as a blueprint to achieve the vision of driving financial inclusion toward inclusive growth and financial resilience. Building on the principles-based approach of the original strategy launched in 2015, the updated NSFI contains specific interventions, outcome measures, and targets to guide all stakeholders working together to accelerate financial inclusion in the country.

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