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The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has introduced a new logo in keeping with the changing times. In contrast to the stylized eagle profile design of the current logo, the new one features a full-bodied Philippine eagle rendered in gold, taking inspiration from various wildlife photographs of actual Philippine eagles. The use of the Philippine eagle in the new logo is intended to represent the BSP as well as the Filipino people which it serves.



GOLDEN PHILIPPINE EAGLE. The logo employs a photorealistic rendering of a Philippine eagle in flight, signifying the strength of leadership and foresight that the BSP provides in the financial sector and the economy.

  1. The eagle's outstretched wings and tail feathers symbolize the BSP's balanced, inclusive approach to growth and development, while also conveying the central monetary authority's mastery over its field.
  2. The eagle's head and eyes face east, expressing the BSP's vigilance and readiness to seize challenges and opportunities that rise over the horizon.
  3. The talons represent the strong will, resolve, and the monetary and financial tools that the central bank uses in discharging its mandates.


SHAPE . The logo is contained within a perfect circle—without sides, a beginning, or an end—accentuated by a bold border, to convey the singular and integrative nature of the BSP and its impartial approach to holistic growth and development.


GOLDEN STARS. The three golden stars represent the three pillars of central banking (price stability, stable banking system, and a safe and efficient payments and settlements system), as well as the BSP's commitment to promote and sustain a high quality of life for all Filipinos, across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.


CORPORATE TEXT. The name of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas is rendered in gold, using a clean sans-serif font, to signify the Bank's operational efficiency, clarity of vision, and single-mindedness of purpose.


DOMINANT COLORS. Yellow gold and midnight blue dominate the new logo’s color scheme to evoke the BSP’s stature as a premier government agency.

  1. The yellow gold foreground elements represent the BSP's aim to promote economic growth and prosperity, and the high standards of ethics and performance it holds.
  2. The two-tone midnight blue background is evocative of the honor, dignity, and noble character of the Filipino people, and the BSP's unwavering commitment to serve the nation.


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