To increase public awareness on various economic and financial issues, as well as promote transparency in its operations, the BSP releases various publications, reports, media releases and other relevant resource materials.
FinEd Videos for the Armed Forces
The Army Idols

This video presents the financial management strategies being practiced by three (3) Army personnel: PVT Dave Gonzales, the peacemaker; PVT Jessica Santos, the trendsetter; and 2LT Jun Marcelino, the strategic thinker. The key message: Ang sundalo ng bayan, armado ng pinansiyal na kaalaman.

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Length 04:34
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Major, Level Up!

This video highlights the importance of making financial decisions. Major Carlo Valdez is given a mission: “Think twice, choose right”.

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Length 04:15
File Size 21.3mb
Happy Birthday To You!

This video shares the story of a couple who practice good financial planning, and are seeing positive results in the behavior of their children and in the status of their household finances.

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Length 03:02
File Size 13.3mb
Dagat, Langit, Lupa

This video highlights soldiers from the three branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines - the Philippine Air Force, the Philippine Army, and the Philippine Navy. The characters represent disciplined and financially responsible Filipino soldiers who work hard for the good of their families and countrymen

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Length 02:20
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Message Sent

Two lovebirds from the Air Force and the Navy romantically navigate their journey to financial freedom as they plot a roadmap to each other's arms. A match made in heaven and sea, their future together is secured by taking just the right risks and avoiding scams

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Length 04:50
File Size 74mb
Old but Gold

This video features a seasoned master sergeant in his sunset career sharing life lessons and financial advice with a young recruit. In both the field and in life, he is the epitome of a hero

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Length 03:25
File Size 80mb

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