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FinEd Videos for OFWs
PiTaKa Video for PDOS

This video is intended for use during Pre-Departure Orientation Seminars (PDOS) for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It introduces the six PiTaKa tips for departing OFWs:

  1. Mag-OWWA member na!
  2. Magbukas ng account sa bangko
  3. Bayaran agad ang mga utang
  4. I-save ang 10% ng kita
  5. 10% ng padala, i-save o i-negosyo
  6. ‘Wag pagbiyan lahat ng habilin

Format Mp4
Length 03:18
File Size 11.0mb

PiTaKa Video for PAOS

This video is intended for use during Post Arrival Orientation Seminars (PAOS) as a follow-up to the PDOS lessons. It reminds OFWs that employment abroad is not forever, so saving for the future of their families is a must. The key lesson: “Ipon ay alagaan upang pangarap ay makamtan"

Format Mp4
Length 04:46
File Size 10.3mb
PiTaKa Video for OFW Families

This video starts with the question, “Ano ang mga unang bayaran ninyo kapag nagpadala ng pera si tatay?” It highlights the important role of family members in the wise use of remittances to ensure a brighter future.

Format Mp4
Length 05:04
File Size 21.6mb

This video is an interesting take on how an OFW with extravagant lifestyle, unhealthy spending habits, and lack of financial literacy ultimately lead to the death of her family's hopes and dreams.

Format Mp4
Length 02:02
File Size 37mb
Pamilya Pamarisan
Format Mp4
Length 02:27
File Size 64.3 mb
Miss OFW Global

This video showcases a pageant of OFWs from different parts of the world. They represent important financial literacy messages that every OFW should live by. The key lesson for OFWs is "Ipon ay alagaan upang pangarap ay makamtan."

Format Mp4
Length 03:35
File Size 50.9 mb

All videos were developed with support from BDO Foundation. Copies of videos may be shared, subject to the signing of a User’s Agreement, upon request through