To increase public awareness on various economic and financial issues, as well as promote transparency in its operations, the BSP releases various publications, reports, media releases and other relevant resource materials.

Price Stability Videos

Webcast on Price Stability

A full discussion on BSP's primary mandate to maintain price stability.

Balance of Payments

This video discusses BSP's task to compile, analyze, and publish developments of our country's Balance of Payments or BOP as this provides vital information to citizens and policy-makers for economic analysis, forecasting, and policy formulation.

Price Stability

This video focuses on BSP’s primary objective which is to maintain price stability. It explains what BSP means by “stable prices” and why it is important.

Price Level and Inflation

This video presents BSP’s mandate on promoting price stability. It discusses, in layman’s terms, the concept of inflation.

Monetary Policy and Inflation Targeting

This video discusses BSP’s conduct of monetary policy (MP) and introduces inflation targeting and how it works as a framework for MP.

Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism

This video explains how BSP’s policies and actions to manage the supply and cost of money and credit are transmitted to the “real” economy.

BSP's Changing Approach to Monetary Policy

Adopted from a chapter of the book, “The Story of Philippine Central Banking: Stability & Strength at Seventy,” this video shows how BSP’s approach to monetary policy has changed over the years.

Issuance of BSP Securities

This video gives an overview about the issuance of the BSP Securities which provides the central bank an additional monetary tool for liquidity management under the Interest Rate Corridor system that is more flexible and market friendly.

BSP in Every Day: Price stability

How does BSP affect our daily lives? In this video, Gov. Ben and EkoLit discuss BSP's mandate to maintain price stability and how we encounter this in our everyday transactions.

The Stories Numbers Tell: Domestic Indicators

The Stories Numbers Tell: External Indicators


The Economic and Financial Learning Office (EFLO) features various economic topics to serve as explainers to the public. To make the information more widely available, previously posted materials are now available for download through the links below.