Inclusive Finance - Economic and Financial Education

Session for the Academe
26 - 27 April 2023



This year’s Economic and Financial Learning Program dedicated for the academe will have two learning sessions: 1) for senior high school and college students, and 2) for educators (including those from BSP partners) and librarians (particularly those from BSP's Knowledge Resource Network or KRN partner institutions). The learning sessions for the two-day program will be held simultaneously in person and virtually, via Zoom and can be watched live thru the BSP's PisoLit Facebook page to reach as wide an audience possible.

EFLP2 Program 

QR Code Session for Students
26 April 2023 | 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Session theme: ECONnect: Understanding Economics to Improve Personal Finance

Discussion:BSP’s Role in the Economy and Financial Literacy for Students.This dedicated session for students is designed to promote better appreciation and understanding of the BSP’s core central banking functions and relate how these and other economic concepts impact one's personal financial decisions.

QR Code Session for Educators
27 April 2023  | 1:00 - 4:30 PM

Session theme: EkonoMEya: Ekonomiya + Ako

Discussions:Recent Economic Developments.This first part of the session designed for educators presents recent economic developments and promotes practical understanding of key economic indicators in the country.

Digital Payments Transformation and Cyber Hygiene Practices. This second part presents the BSP’s initiatives in transforming the payments landscape by going digital and explains how everyone can not only benefit but also help by practicing cyber safety.

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