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​​​​​​​​​​Governance of the Bank​​​​

​​​​​​​​The Monetary Board exercises the powers and functions of the BSP, such as the conduct of monetary policy and supervision of the financial system. Its chairman is the BSP Governor, with five full-time members from the private sector and one member from the Cabinet.

​The Governor ​is the chief executive officer of the BSP and is required to direct and supervise the operations and internal administration of the BSP.

A Deputy Governor heads each of the BSP's operating sectors as follows:
  • ​​Monet​ary and Economics Sector (MES) - mainly responsible for the operations/activities related to monetary policy formulation, implementation, and assessment.​
  • Financial Supervision Sector (FSS) – mainly responsible for the regulation of banks and other BSP-supervised financial institutions, as well as the oversight and supervision of financial technology and payment systems.
  • Corporate Services Sector (CSS) – mainly responsible for the delivery of the human, financial, and physical resource needs of the BSP.  The ODG-CSS supervises four (4) sub-sectors in-charge of the areas of Human Resource, Comptrollership, Procurement, and Management Services, while also exercising supervision over the BSP’s Provident Fund and Security Services.
  • Payments and Currency Management Sector (PCMS) – mainly responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of the Philippine currency and ensuring a well-functioning payments and cash ecosystem that facilitates the economic activity and supports long-run economic growth.
  • Regional Operations and Advocacy Sector (ROAS)  - mainly responsible for overseeing the operations of the Financial Inclusion Office, Economic and Financial Learning Office, Consumer Protection and Market Conduct Office, Strategic Communication and Advocacy, New Clark City – Program Management Office, and Regional Operations​.​​

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