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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Monetary Board​​​

​​​​The powers and function of Bangko Sentral are exercised by its Monetary Board, which has seven members appointed by the President of The Philippines. Under the New Ce​ntral Bank Act, one of the government sector members of the Monetary Board must also be a member of the Cabinet design​ated by the President.

The New Central Bank Act establishes certain qualifications for the members of the Monetary Board and also prohibits members from holding certain positions with other governmental agencies and private institutions that may give rise to conflicts of interest. Wit​h the exception of the members of the Cabinet, the Governor and the other ​m​​embers of the Monetary Board serve terms of six years and may only be removed for cause.

The Monetary Board meets at least once a week. The Board may be called to a meeting by the Governor of the Bangko Sentral or by two (2) other members of the Board. Usually, the Board meets every Thursday but on some occasions, it convenes to discuss urgent issues.

In the exercise of its authority, the Monetary Board shall:

  1. Issue rules and regulations it considers necessary for the effective discharge of the responsibilities and exercise of the powers vested upon the Monetary Board and the Bangko Sentral;

  2. Direct the management, operations, and administration of the Bangko Sentral, reorganize its personnel, and issue such rules and regulations as it may deem necessary or convenient for this purpose. The alegal units of the Bangko Sentral shall be under the exclusive supervision and control of the Monetary Board;

  3. Establish a human resource management system which shall govern the selection, hiring, appointment, transfer, promotion, or dismissal of all personnel. Such system shall aim to establish professionalism and excellence at all levels of the Bangko Sentral in accordance with sound principles of management.
    A compensation structure, based on job evaluation studies and wage surveys subject to the Board's approval, shall be instituted as an integral component of the Bangko Sentral's human resource development program..
    On the recommendation of the Governor, appoint, fix the remunerations and other emoluments, and remove personnel of the Bangko Sentral, subject to pertinent civil service laws: Provided, That the Monetary Board shall have exclusive and final authority to promote, transfer, assign, or reassign personnel of the Bangko Sentral and these personnel actions are deemed made in the interest of the service and not disciplinary: Provided, further, That the Monetary Board may delegate such authority to the Governor under such guidelines as it may determine;

  1. Adopt an annual budget for and authorize such expenditures by the Bangko Sentral in the interest of the effective administration and operations of the Bangko Sentral in accordance with applicable laws and regulations; an​d

  2. Indemnify its members and other officials of the Bangko Sentral, including personnel of the departments performing supervision and   examination functions against all costs and expenses reasonably incurred by such persons in connection with any civil or criminal action, suit or proceedings to which he may be, or is, made a party by reason of the performance of his functions or duties, unless he is finally adjudged in such action or proceeding to be liable for negligence or misconduct.​



​The BSP Monetary Boar​d


Eli M. Remolona, Jr.​​​​​



Benjamin E. Diokno

V. Bruce J. Tolentino

Anita Linda R. Aquino​​

​​​Romeo L. Bernardo​​​

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