Rural Bank Strengthening Program

​​​​The Rural Bank Strengthening Program (RBSP) is a structured program anchored on the principle that a safe and sound bank is well-capitalized. The RBSP is comprised of four key elements:

  1. strengthened capital base;
  2. a holistic menu of five (5) time-bound tracks, all aimed at ensuring that RBs that continue to operate have adequate capital to support their operations and effectively comply with regulatory expectations;
  3. incentives and capacity building interventions to promote successful undertakings; and
  4. review and enhancements of existing regulations to ensure consistency in policy approach and direction.

For details on the elements, please refer to BSP Memorandum M-2022-024.

Amendments to the Minimum Capitalization of Rural Banks per Circular No. 1151 dated 24 August 2022

Guidelines on the Implementation of the RBSP per Memorandum No. M-2022-040 dated 13 September 2022

Procedures for Applications for Mergers, Consolidations and Acquisitions of Banks​


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