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As the BSP's focal point of contact of the public on public information concerning economic and financial matters, the Economic and Financial Learning Office (EFLO) conducts various learning events

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The Economic and Financial Learning Program (EFLP) is the flagship program for delivering directly key messages on economics and finance to target stakeholders, specifically the general public. It was launched in July 2010 with the objective to provide information services, programs, and materials to present the work of the BSP and its role in the Philippine economy, as well as to promote greater understanding of essential economic concepts and issues. The EFLP covers the conduct of BSP-initiated learning sessions for different audience types in different localities and on-demand requests for lectures from various schools, government agencies, private institutions, and other interested parties.

EFLP topics and key messages will mainly focus on the following:

  • Economic education– learning activities are designed to promote the public’s deeper appreciation and understanding of the core functions of the BSP with greater focus on communicating its monetary policy decisions and how these actions influence individuals’ economic decisions. When the public understands their central bank’s roles and responsibilities, they will view the BSP as a trusted and credible monetary authority.

  • Financial education– learning activities provide the public with basic knowledge on personal finance management and how related decisions are being influenced by BSP’s policy actions.

  • Priority initiatives - topics relating to financial inclusion (with a focus on account opening among Filipino youth and students), digitalization, sustainable central banking, proper handling of banknotes and coins, cyberhygiene  will continue to be highlighted in the major EFLP and stand-alone learning sessions. For consistency of messaging, EFLO will develop an outline/curriculum to be discussed for offerings under these priority initiatives.

EFLP target participants are those representing the Filipino household (HH) sector as represented by the working members, small business owners, and students.

EFLP Academe Session for the Acadame
24 - 25 April 2024

This year’s Economic and Financial Learning Program dedicated for the academe will have two learning sessions: 1) for college students, and 2) for educators (including those from BSP partners) and librarians (particularly those from BSP's Knowledge Resource Network or KRN partner institutions). The learning sessions for the two-day program will be held simultaneously in person and virtually, via Zoom and can be watched live thru the BSP's PisoLit Facebook page to reach as wide an audience possible.

QR Code Session for BSP Employees
July 2024

QR Code Session for the Workforce
September 2024


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