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​Learning Events

As the BSP's focal point of contact of the public on public information concerning economic and financial matters, the Economic and Financial Learning Office (EFLO) conducts various learning events

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As the BSP’s focal point of contact of the public on information concerning economic and financial matters, the Economic and Financial Learning Office (EFLO) conducts learning sessions on the core functions of the BSP and its role in the Philippine economy, among other topics.

​ Topic Description

The 45- to 60- minute* learning session will focus on the discussion of the following core mandates of the BSP:

  1. CORE FUNCTIONS OF THE BSP. Presents the core functions of the BSP in performing its tasks in promoting price stability, financial stability, and efficient payments and settlements system in the country;
  2. PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. Emphasizes the value of having prudent financial plans (saving and budgeting), accumulating assets, managing debt, and exercising one's rights and responsibilities as a financial consumer; or
  3. OTHER CENTRAL-BANKING TOPICS (Please check with the EFLO as some topics may have recommended grade levels.)

* Additional 15-30 minutes can be alloted for Open Forum or Q&A.
Mode of Delivery

This may be delivered through virtual or in-person modalities depending on the resource requirements, and health and security conditions.

For virtual sessions.

  • BSP-hosted sessions use Zoom as webinar platform.

For in-person sessions.

  • Please check with the EFLO on requirements and arrangements.

Participants/Minimum Attendance

To ensure an enriching learning experience, we require a minimum attendance/participation level.

  • For virtual sessions, we recommend a minimum grade level of 11 (senior high school students) with a target of at least 50 participants.
  • For in-person sessions, the minimum attendance is set at 150 for the National Capital Region (NCR) and 300 for Areas Outside the National Capital Region (AONCR). This cumulative requirement applies to the entire event, whether conducted in one or two days or across multiple sessions.

Your active participation contributes to a vibrant learning environment, and we appreciate your commitment to the educational experience we offer.

Reservation and Processing Time

The conduct of the learning session is free but reservation is required through the link below for scheduling and logistical arrangements.

Reservation Form Link

Please take note of the following processing times:

  • Virtual Sessions: Minimum processing time is 10 business days.
  • In-Person Sessions: Minimum processing time is 10 business days for NCR and 20 business days for AONCR.

*Processing times also depend on speaker/s' availability, particularly for central banking topics beyond EFLO's scope, requiring collaboration with other BSP departments/offices. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this regard.


  • Mondays to Fridays (except during public holidays and when coinciding with special BSP activities/events)
  • Time: 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM*

* Participants are requested to be at the venue (for face-to-face sessions) or log-in to the webinar platform (for virtual sessions) at least 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

Orderly, polite, cooperative, and respectful conduct is expected from participants and coordinators.

Contact Us

   Contact Number: +632-88-111-277 local 2331


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