Deputy Governor

EDUARDO G. BOBIER Official Photo


Deputy Governor
Corporate Services Sector

Mr. Eduardo G. Bobier was appointed Deputy Governor of the Corporate Services Sector on March 1, 2022. Prior to this, he was Assistant Governor of the Comptrollership Sub-Sector.

DG Ed graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Major in Accounting from the Manuel L. Quezon University (Manila) in 1985. He completed his Masters in Business Administration degree from De La Salle University (Manila) in 2011 under the auspices of the BSP Educational Scholarship and Training Program.

After passing the board examination for certified public accountants in May 1986, he began his professional career in April 1987 as Statistician in the then Central Bank of the Philippines’ Department of Economic Research (DER), which sharpened his economic analysis skills and where he stayed until August 1991. Then, his twenty-four (24) years in the BSP’s Treasury Department further honed his financial and investment management skills, as he rose to the rank of Chief Investment Analytics Officer in July 2014 before he became the Managing Director of the Comptrollership Subsector (CoSS) in May 2015.

Throughout the years, he has significantly contributed to the BSP’s operations, notably in the following capacities:

a) As Head of the BSP Budget Committee, he ensures timely preparation of the Bank’s budget, orderly adoption of the Cash-Based Budgeting, and appropriate amendments to the Budget Administration Guidelines and Policies;

b) As Member of the Digital Payments Trnasformation Steering Committee, he leads the internal digitalization of disbursements and payments as the BSP ‘walks the talk” on digital transformation consistent with the National Retail Payments System’s principles. He facilitated the opening of BSP’s account with four (4) commercial banks to fully serve BSP’s incoming and ougoing retail payment requirements electronically. CoSS now receives payments from internal and external stakeholders through the New Order Payment System. Various payment channels and partners (e.g., e-money issuers, GCash, Paymaya, Bayad Centers) are utilized thus, promoting cashless transactions;

c) In relation to BSP’s digitalization initiatives, the BSP was able to secure for the first time, in December 2019, the BIR Permit to Use computerized accounting system for purposes of issuing Official Receipts effective 1 January 2020;

d) As Member of the Core Group that spearheaded the approval of the BSP Charter Amendments Bill by both House of Representatives and Senate, the CoSS was instrumental in the release of BIR regulation and circular to implement the BSP’s tax exemption under the Amended BSP Charter; and

e) During his term, there has been significant decrease on COA’s audit observations and findings. More COA findings were resolved and COA’s Auditor provided an unqualified opinion to BSP’s Financial Statements.