To increase public awareness on various economic and financial issues, as well as promote transparency in its operations, the BSP releases various publications, reports, media releases and other relevant resource materials.

Fin-Ed Videos for Civil Servants

Debit o Credit

This video differentiates a debit card from a credit card. A debit card is either prepaid or linked to the owner's bank account. A credit card is like a loan, so interest is incurred if charges are not paid in full or on time. The video promotes responsible ownership and usage of these payment options by citing examples of transactions that are suited for each card's purpose.

Format Mp4
Length 02:30
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Ma'am Amor

This video features Ma'am Amor, a financially savvy and digitally literate civil servant. Ma'am Amor embodies the video's key message "Ang kawaning marunong sa salapi, tunay na lingkod bayani."

Format Mp4
Length 02:37
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This video showcases three game contestants who are also public servants. Each has a different approach to spending money. The one who triumphs lives simply, prioritizes savings, and knows that correct money management is key to achieving goals and winning the game of life.

Format Mp4
Length 03:45
File Size 64.0mb

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