To increase public awareness on various economic and financial issues, as well as promote transparency in its operations, the BSP releases various publications, reports, media releases and other relevant resource materials.
Other Videos for OFWs
Piso Para sa Bayan

Tackles how overseas Filipinos help the Philippine economy

Format Mp4
Length 04:42
File Size 37.8mb

Pasok sa Budget

Sharing from overseas Filipinos on managing income and expenses

Format Mp4
Length 05:12
File Size 40.2mb
In sa Investments

Talks about different financial products where remittances can be invested

Format Mp4
Length 05:23
File Size 30.7mb

Sharing from overseas Filipinos on their experience in putting up their own businesses and how to access capital

Format Mp4
Length 04:10
File Size 37.8mb
Tipid Tips

Money-saving tips

Format Mp4
Length 03:13
File Size 26.2mb
Alkansiya: Hindi Aksaya

More money-saving tips

Format Mp4
Length 02:26
File Size 28.1mb
Buhay Balikbayan

Some government initiatives for overseas Filipinos who wish to return and stay home in the Philippines

Format Mp4
Length 04:28
File Size 36.1mb

Format Mp4
Length 00:44
File Size 2.27mb
Paghahanda sa Kinabukasan

This video is primarily for overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries. It talks about the importance of using remittances to build up savings and directing these into investments in financial products and business ventures.

Format Mp4
Length 21:25
File Size 80.6mb