To increase public awareness on various economic and financial issues, as well as promote transparency in its operations, the BSP releases various publications, reports, media releases and other relevant resource materials.

Videos for General Audience

Basic Deposit Accounts

This video presents key features of a basic deposit account, including steps on how to open one.

Format Mp4
Length 02:26
File Size 13.0mb

Banking 101

This video presents the basics of banking, such as types of banking, the role of cash agents, and account opening requirements for a basic deposit account

Format Mp4
Length 03:00
File Size 34.3mb
Basics of Transaction Accounts

Focuses on the why's and how's of opening a transaction account

Format Mp4
Length 05:55
File Size 13.4mb
Users' Testimonials on Transaction Accounts

Presents the benefits of transaction accounts from the perspective of actual people representing various target groups (employees, welfare assistance beneficiaries, and remittance sender/recipient)

Format Mp4
Length 06:15
File Size 18.1mb
Ano ang InstaPay at PESONet

This video presents the key differences between InstaPay and PESONet, the two e-pyament services of financial institutions under BSP supervision.

Format Mp4
Length 01:23
File Size 21.8mb
Paano Gamitin ang InstaPay at PESONet

This video provides the basic steps on how to use InstaPay and PESONet, including important reminders to ensure safe and secure usage

Format Mp4
Length 02:27
File Size 22.0mb

All videos were developed with support from BDO Foundation. Copies of videos may be shared, subject to the signing of a User’s Agreement, upon request through