To increase public awareness on various economic and financial issues, as well as promote transparency in its operations, the BSP releases various publications, reports, media releases and other relevant resource materials.

About the BSP

This video talks about the role of the BSP in the economy through its three pillars of central banking: price stability, financial stability, and efficient payments and settlements system.

Banking Laws of the Philippines - Annotated

The latest BSP publication provides explanations to help banking and legal practitioners, members of the judiciary, and law students apply and interpret banking laws and regulations.

Digital Payments Transformation Roadmap

Videos on the National QR Code standard or QR Ph

QR Ph was developed for the adoption of an interoperable common QR code which may be scanned and interpreted by any participating bank or non-bank EMI for facilitating customers’ requests for fund transfers and payments. Given such feature, QR Ph can be used for digital person-to-person (P2P) transfers and person-to-merchants (P2M) payments through InstaPay.

Ulat ng BSP sa Bayan

In the “Ulat ng BSP sa Bayan” event held on Feb. 19, 2021, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin E. Diokno emphasized the importance of digitalization in keeping the gears of the economy running amid the pandemic. Themed, “Ibangon natin ang ekonomiya, i-digital mo na!,” the Governor’s special report to the Filipino people was transmitted through an online platform and viewed by stakeholders via the BSP’s social media page.

Price Stability

Videos on the BSP’s primary objective which is to maintain price stability. It explains what BSP means by “stable prices” and why it is important. Topics covered are price level, inflation, inflation targeting, monetary policy transmission.

Financial Stability

Audio-visual materials on Financial Stability

Payments and Settlements

Audio-visual materials on Payments and Settlements

Financial Consumer Protection

Audio-visual materials on the BSP Consumer Assistance Mechanism, BSP Online Buddy, Frauds and Scams, Financial Consumer Rights and Responsibilities, and the Financial Consumer Protection Act.

Financial Inclusion

Audio-visual materials on Financial Inclusion

Financial Education Videos for the Armed Forces

Videos were developed with support from BDO Foundation.

Financial Education Videos for Civil Servants

All videos were developed with support from BDO Foundation. Copies of videos may be shared, subject to the signing of a User's Agreement, upon request through

Financial Education Videos for Learners and Educators

Videos were developed with support from BDO Foundation and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Financial Education Videos for Overseas Filipino Workers

Videos were developed with support from BDO Foundation

Other Financial Learning Videos for OFWs

This video series is primarily for overseas Filipinos and their beneficiaries.

Banknotes and Coins

Videos on the Philippines' banknotes and coins produced by the BSP

Virtual Assets

Facts about virtual assets

Video Directory

List of uploaded BSP Videos